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mother earth 

cucumber celery kale romaine parsley spinach lemon ginger

garden island 

cucumber celery pineapple spinach parsley apple 

lean green 

green apple. cucumber celery kale romaine parsley spinach lemon ginger 

intoxicating detox 

beet. apple. pineapple. kale. romaine. mint. parsley. lemon 

roots & shoots 

carrot apple beet kale lemon ginger                                                                                                                                   


100% celery juice


100% carrot juice


thrive smoothie

banana. almond butter. hemp protien. kale spinach. dates. almond mylk


Raw Kale Salad Raw Kale salad : 

kale* red cabbage*. scallions* raw sesame seeds* dressing(avocado*. braggs liquid aminos, apple cider vinegar*. sesame oil*. ginger*. garlic*. agave* *denotes organic ingredients

Garden salad

mixed greens. cucumbers* heirloom tomatoes* roasted beets* red pickled onions* dressing: balsamic vinaigrette. *denotes organic ingredients 

Vegan kale salad

Organic Kale*, Little Leaf gluten-free croutons, dairy-free( CONTAINS NUTS) Caesar dressing, tomatoes*, vegan parm cheese. tempeh bacon* *denotes organic ingredients

Overnight Oats (contains nuts)

Baked Alaska Wild Salmon wild baked wild Alaska salmon pink salt and pepper

Quart of Roots Turkey Bone Broth

Beet Hummus

chickpeas*. beets* tahini*. evoo* pink salt. garlic* lemon* parsley* *denotes organic ingredients

Detox Tea Bags Gaia Detox Tea

Beet Hummus Wrap 

Roots Beet Hummus( roast beets, chickpeas,lemon,garlic,olive oil,spices) Curried Cauliflower(cauliflower,olive oil,spices)Carrot. Little Leaf Greens. Stacey's Org Wrap vegan

Spicy Bean + Squash Wrap

BLACK BEANS (onion.pepper.arlic.spices.Braggs Liquid Aminos.lime).BUTTERNUT SQUASH.MICROGREENS.ROAST TOMATOES.ROAST POBLANOS. stacys wrap